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ADSL Packages
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CQnet Pty Ltd offers very competitive and flexible ADSL broadband services with plans to suit most private and business customers.

In addition, current dial-up CQnet customers can change to CQnet ADSL broadband packages and still retain their current e-mail address.

Check out the CQnet ADSL packages
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256/64 Packages
Package Price Included Mbs

Excess Mb Charge*

Budget $36.90 500Mb $5/1000Mb
Standard $39.90 5000Mb $1/1000Mb
Mega $59.90 Unlimited No excess charge
512/128 Packages
Package Price Included Mbs

Excess Mb Charge*

Budget $39.90 1000Mb $5/1000Mb
Standard $49.90 5000Mb $1/1000Mb
Mega $69.90 Unlimited No excess charge
1500/256 Packages
Package Price Included Mbs

Excess Mb Charge*

Mini $49.90 1000Mb $5/100Mb
Budget $59.90 5000Mb $5/1000Mb
Standard $69.90 10000Mb $1/1000Mb
Mega $99.90 50000Mb $0.88/1000Mb
512/512 Packages


Price Included Mbs Excess Mb Charge*
Mini $69.90 5000Mb $5/100Mb
Budget $79.90 10000Mb $5/1000Mb
Standard $89.90 20000Mb $1/1000Mb
Mega $109.00 Unlimited No excess charge
Subscription Connection Fee USB ADSL Modem
D-Link DSL-200
Ethernet 4 port ADSL Modem
D-Link DSL-504T

Wireless/Ethernet 4 port ADSL Modem
D-Link DSL-604T

Month to Month $88 $49* $99* $139* 6 Month length
24 months $0 $0 $59 $99 24 month length


1. Prices and conditions subject to change without notice.
2. No Connection Fee with a 24 month contract or a fee of $88 applies (once off charge, non-refundable) and payable at time of application.
3. Minimum of 5 to 10 working days for new Installation although no guarantees are made.
4. No limit on the number of users networked to the ADSL connection.
5. All Packages have a minimum of a 1 month contract.
6. All monthly subscriptions are payable in advance and payment due on the 1st of each new month.
7. To change ADSL access speeds (eg. 256 to 512 etc), a fee of $55 applies.
8. To change from one accounting ADSL package to another ADSL package (or vice versa) without a change of speed, a fee of $5.50 applies.
9. 1 month notice in writing required for cancellation of ADSL package.
10. Termination fee of $100 applies for any ADSL connection disconnected from CQnet under 6 months of continuous connection. After 6 months, there is NO termination fee.
11. To churn to CQnet ADSL from another ISP, a fee of $50 will apply provided the other ISP is a churn treaty member.
12. Any software or hardware problems with customers equipment is the responsibility of the customer.
13. All modems sold/supplied by CQnet Pty Ltd come with 12 months return to base warranty.
14. All ADSL packages come with a free dial-up package with 10 hours free access per month. Excess hours of usage of the included dial-up package are charged at a rate of $1.10 per hour. No excess charge applies during the duration of an ADSL failure.
15. The above conditions apply only when credit card details are supplied with permission for CQnet Pty Ltd to charge the credit card for all outstanding charges for Internet access and use on a monthly basis. Special conditions apply for non-credit card customers.