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Mobile Broadband - Wireless
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CQnet Pty Ltd offers competitive and flexible Wireless Broadband services with plans to suit most private and business customers. All plans come with a free email address.
Our plans are available Australia-wide, provided you are within range of the Optus Mobile Network. You can check the coverage availability online at: http://www2.optus.com.au

Wireless Modem + Sim Card $149 OR $9/Month over 24 Months

All plans are on a 24 month contract. All prices are GST Inclusive.

Wireless Plans


Price Included Mbs Excess Mb Charge *
1GB/Month $19.95 1000Mb $0.15/1Mb
2GB/Month $28.95 2000Mb $0.15/1Mb
3GB/Month $34.95 3000Mb $0.15/1Mb
5GB/Month $46.95 5000Mb $0.15/1Mb
Early Termination Fees


Months 0-6 Months 7-12 Months 13-24
1GB/Month $199 $169 $139
2GB/Month $209 $179 $149
3GB/Month $219 $189 $159
5GB/Month $229 $199 $169


1. Prices and conditions subject to change without notice.
2. All wireless broadband packages are on a 24 month contract.
3. Customers can only use wireless modems purchased from CQnet Pty Ltd.
4. Monthly Charges are billed in advance, with excess charges due at the start of the following month.
5. Payment is only accepted via Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively, plans can be paid in full at the time of application via any other method.
6. Customers can only use a maximum of 8GB (8000mb) per month. Once this amount has been reached the service will be suspended until a new month begins.
7. It is the customers responsibility to ensure broadband coverage is available where the device will be used. Please visit the following site to check the availability: http://www2.optus.com.au
8. All packages have an excess charge of 15cents per megabyte of data used over the monthly limit.
9. Both uploads and downloads are included in the usage calculations and excess usage charges apply to both uploads and downloads.
10. 1 month notice in writing is required for cancellation of wireless broadband upon completion of contract. Termination fees apply if cancelled prior to contract being completed. (see above table for fees)
11. Any software or hardware problems with customers equipment is the responsibility of the customer.
12. All modems sold/supplied by CQnet Pty Ltd come with a 12 month return to base warranty. Warranty void if modem has any signs of physical damage.
13. CQwireless is the wireless broadband service offered by CQnet Pty Ltd.